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Pay special attention to the following points when purchasing stainless steel doors:
1. Select stainless steel doors produced by manufacturers with quality assurance.
2. Pay attention to choose the lock with the same opening direction as your door.
3. Pay attention to the width of your door frame. The ball lock and handle lock should not be less than 90cm on the door.
4. Special attention should be paid when installing stainless steel doors: only the end with insurance can be removed before installation. Never remove the end with key for installation, so as to read the instructions carefully.
5. Do not drop engine oil into the lock core. If the key cannot be opened flexibly, put some pencil shavings into the key eye.
6. If you inadvertently turn the indoor fuse 90 degrees in time, it becomes a fuse, which can only be opened with a key. Just rotate the fuse 90 degrees counterclockwise to recover.
7. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a wet cloth to avoid rust.
8. When closing the door, hold the handle well, screw the lock tongue into the lock body, and then release your hand after closing the door. Don't hit the door with force, otherwise the service life of the lock will be reduced.
But also from the following aspects to consider.
1. Wear resistance.
The material of stainless steel door is related to wear resistance. When purchasing, ask the dealer what kind of material it is made of, such as the difference between cast iron and steel mentioned above, and pay attention to it.
2. Feel.
The handle of the stainless steel door is determined by the spring, and the quality of the spring determines the handle and service life. Some lock springs are not good, so it is easy to cause the handle to sag, thus ending the service life of stainless steel doors. Try the toughness of the stainless steel door spring in person when shopping. A good spring brings a very soft feel, which is neither too soft nor too hard.
3. Plating.
In the process of purchase, we also need to look at the coating of the stainless steel door, that is, whether the handle of the stainless steel door will fade. Generally speaking, the protective layer of a good stainless steel door, that is, the coating will not be easily oxidized and worn. The coating of stainless steel door handle is related to the overall beauty of the room, so this can not be ignored.
Generally speaking, the safety factor of modern stainless steel doors has little to do with the complexity of switching procedures. A lock with simple operation is not necessarily unsafe, and a lock that is very complex to open is not necessarily reliable. Looking at the lock depends not only on the feel of the lock, but also on whether it has a quality assurance certificate. Generally, it should be guaranteed for five years. When you choose the trivia according to the situation at home, you should also pay attention to whether the installation method of this trivia is the same as that of the general one. If it is different, the merchant will generally explain it when you buy it, for example, a lock is not installed from the front to the back, But from the back to the front. If the lock is damaged due to program errors when you install it at home, it is not a quality problem of the lock and is not within the scope of warranty, that is to say, the merchant will not return it.
In addition, health factors cannot be ignored in shopping trivia. For example, the bathroom is suitable for installing copper trinkets. Although the stainless steel door looks clean, it will actually breed thousands of bacteria, including gram-negative bacteria, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus. The bacteria on the brass door are much less than those on the stainless steel door, because copper has the effect of killing bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you install brass doors in the bathroom at home, which is beneficial to your health.
The above is a detailed introduction about stainless steel glass doors. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with a professional attitude http://www-sddtmt-com.52bczfz.com
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